Using Porous Pave XLB, Sand Guard forms a monolithic, consistent rubber-rock permeable surface. It covers bunker floors to keep sand clean, stabilizes the sand, and holds it in place on bunker slopes. With Porous Pave’s superior permeability – more than three times the permeability of other industry leading liners – Sand Guard drains rainwater from bunkers more quickly and effectively. 

Highly Permeable

  • Allows water to quickly percolate down to drainage pipes

  • Eliminates puddles, prevents washouts 

Durable & Flexible

  • Rubber content expands and contracts to withstand high heat, freeze/thaw cycles and expansive soils

  • Resists cracking 

  • 15 – 20 year life expectancy

Environmentally Friendly

  • Made with rubber from recycled tires

  • Encapsulated rubber, no harmful leaching

  • Made with rubber recycled from scrap tires – every 1,000 square feet of one-inch Sand Guard removes over 2,000 LB of old tires from the waste stream 

Solid & Seamless

  • One continuous uniform, consistent rubber/rock paved surface

  • Covers bunker floors, keeps sand clean and stable

Fast & Easy Installation

  • Mixed on-site

  • Applied 1″ thick directly on bunker floors

  • Conforms to bunker shapes and slopes

  • Cures fast – ready for sand in 24 hours

Critical Advantages

  • More permeable than other industry leading liners ­– drains faster, keeps bunkers playable

  • Solid surface with uniform thickness and strength – not just a thin spray over loose gravel

  • Installed directly over bunker floors – no added sub base

  • Made with Porous Pave XLB for proven performance 

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“At Brae Burn CC we wanted to find a bunker liner that can be mixed on site.  It is comforting to know that you are not rushing the bunker construction because material is on its way.  You can mix and apply at your own pace and since installing it over a year ago I feel it has performed as good or better than the competition- no washouts, no contamination and no worry about material coming up during golf.  The club is more than happy about our decision to use Sand Guard last year and for future projects.”

Blake Halderman, Superintendent of Brae Burn Country Club - 2020

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