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With more than six million square feet installed since 2006, Porous Pave offers proven performance. Its versatility is unmatched by other permeable paving materials. It is easy to install. You mix Porous Pave on site and pour it in place without extensive excavation or sub-grade preparation.

Installation Overview

Porous pave with tractor
1. Mix Product
Mix components in a mortar mixer. Transfer mixture to a wheel barrow or other means of transferring to the pour site.
Porous pave being installed
2. Spread
Use a come-along to pull all excess material away from the screed board. Fine tuning by hand using a trowel.
Porous pave being installed
3. Finish
Put the finishing touches on with a bull float to give Porous Pave a smooth glossy finish that shines.
Contractor laying porous pave and smoothing it out with a wood board
4. Edging
Create a rounded finish along the edge of the product by using the form board or by using a hand trowel
pathway being misted
5. Mist
Mist the surface of the Porous Pave lightly with water to activate the binder. This helps the product set in place.
Porous pave being laid
6. Dry
Let the quick drying magic happen. Porous Pave is dry enough in most applications within 24 hours.

Get Specific Installation Information

Installation Tools

Including Pre-Installation Check List and tool list depending on installation
Download PDF

Installation Notes

Steps for installation with details, as well as clean up information.
Download PDF

Base Specification

Measurements as well as material specification. Also includes thickness details.
Download PDF

Material Coverage

Details on amount of material for ideal coverage.
Download PDF

Installation Tips

Helpful and important details on the installation process as well as best practices.
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Details on Porous Pave color change due to binder and solutions.
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Material Calculator

Simple Excel sheet for calculating materials meant to be used only by installers
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Porous pave being installed
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