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" I know everyone is going to love this! We are so excited! This even exceeds what it was 15 years ago. This donation helps bring it back to where we can now offer our community this wonderful peaceful place to walk and to gather

Ellen Saracini, Champion of 9/11 Garden of Reflection


The finished “restorvation” was a hit for both the members and the crew. “The members absolutely raved over it,” Turner says. “And, not only are we thrilled with the product because it enabled us to finish it on budget, but we’re also thrilled with the performance.

“Since the bunkers were built, we have yet to fix a washout in any of them,” Turner says. “The only regret we had was not going with (Sand Guard) from the beginning.”

— Kent Turner, Director of Grounds and Golf Course Operations Kenwood Country Club


“Porous Pave fulfilled our requirements for slip-resistant, permeable pavement. In addition, the texture of the material when cured and the available color options enabled us to complement the landscape.” 
— Jack Carman, FASLA, RLA, Design for Generations, LLC


“Why did we select Porous Pave for permeable paving? The high quality of the material gives it durability that lowers the life cycle cost. Also, the ease of installation.” 

— Lisa Henry, PE, CFM, Streets and Stormwater Division Manager, City of Orlando

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"Tree roots had pushed the metal grates up from their interior frames in the tree pits, Uneven sections and gaps were a tripping hazard."

— Sherry Graham, Arborist,

Seattle Department of Transportation.


The project required a surface with superior flexibility so that serviceability cracks, caused by horizontal or vertical movements of the underlying soils due to expansion and contraction, would not create problems,”

- Jorge Cabello, senior director,  NEISD.