Riverbend West Nature Area

Porus Pave Inc. completed this walkway at Riverbend West Nature Area in just one day with the help of 10 installers and a paving machine.
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Customer profile:

 Riverbend West is the restoration of a site along the Saginaw River to create a rustic nature experience with limited recreational development in keeping with the natural character of the site and will be designed in keeping with the mission and objectives of the project partners, the Saginaw Basin Land Conservancy and the City of Bay City.

The install:

Porous Pave Inc. and Servinski Sod Service installed the entire project in one day with the help of the paving machine and a great team of 10 installers. The base work was completed to spec before the Porous Pave installers arrived on the site so the Porous Pave installation was efficiently completed in one day and ready to be used within 24 hours. 

Customer quote:

Riverbend West is such a beautiful and tranquil spot. It was an enormous challenge for our little organization to accomplish, but we are so grateful for the opportunity to provide this amenity here in Bay City! Sometimes I like to just come here and rest at the end of the trail, looking out over the Saginaw River, when I need a quiet moment to reflect.

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