Cauley Creek Park

The city wanted a walking path that would reduce the stress on joints so we installed a shock absorbent trail perfect for 5k runs or casual walkers.
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Customer profile:

Upon completion, Cauley Creek Park will include a 5K rubberized trail, lighted sport courts, lighted grass and synthetic turf playing fields, pedestrian bridges, and river overlooks.

Scope of work: 

Provide a surface suitable for running fun runs and 

The install:

Porous Pave and Lake Normal Turf teamed up for a record setting install, paving over 13,000 SF in one day was a new record for Porous Pave installs. The total project completion took 3.5 days and was ready for traffic by the end of the week thanks to the fast curing of Porous Pave XL. 

Customer quote:

“The city wanted to use a material that would reduce the stress on the joints of walkers, joggers, runners and especially members of our senior population,” Johns Creek Recreation and Parks Manager Robby Newton said. “We also needed a trail constructed of a durable material that would hold up to the stresses from the day-to-day park users including strollers, bikes, and skateboards. The material is also pervious in nature and allows for better absorption of water when compared to other materials such as concrete.”

The result: 

A shock absorbent trail perfect for 5k fun runs or casual walkers. The local community will enjoy this permeable and flexible trail for years to come.

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