Porous Pave XLR

A mix of our hard binder and all rubber blend Porous Pave XLR is a blend of 100% recycled rubber chips mixed with our proprietary hard binder. Porous Pave XLR provides a shock absorbent yet durable surface for applications like: elderly homes, sports courts, outdoor patios and more. 

Highly Permeable

  • Allows water to quickly percolate into base material

  • 27% void space

  • Draining in excess of 5,700 gallons per square foot per hour

  • Eliminates puddles, prevents washouts 

  • Reduces the need for other on-site measures (retention ponds, swales) 

Durable & Flexible

  • Rubber content expands and contracts to withstand high heat and freeze/thaw cycles

  • Resists cracking

  • Enhances tree growth thru expansion and filtering properties

Environmentally Friendly

  • Made with rubber from recycled tires

  • Encapsulated rubber, no harmful leaching

  • Best Management Practice (BMP) to retain and infiltrate storm water

  • Decreases the volume, slows the velocity of runoff

  • Reduces erosion

  • Made with recycled rubber – every 1,000 square feet of two-inch Porous Pave removes over 6,000 LB of old tires from the waste stream

  • Leed qualifications 

Fast & Easy Installation

  • Mix on site, pour in place without extensive excavation, or sub-grade prep – takes half the time to install as brick pavers

  • Applied as a single monolithic pour – no expansion strips

  • Sets up fast – cures in as little as 24 hours

  • Low-impact installation, no big trucks, no heavy equipment – minimal site disruption, reduced risk of damage to landscapes  

Slip Resistant

  • ADA compliant

  • Safe and slip-resistant – even when wet

  • No puddles – even in low areas, even during and after heavy rains

  • After snow removal, residual water permeates down

  • One continuous, consistent rubber/rock paved surface

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