Porous Pave Detail Images

The Proven Pour-in-Place Permeable Paving Material

An environmentally friendly green building material manufactured in the U.S.A., Porous Pave is a pour-in-place permeable paving solution that includes recycled rubber. It is highly porous, flexible and resilient. Customers have counted on Porous Pave for more than a decade. See for yourself what customers say about Porous Pave.

“With 27 percent percent void space, Porous Pave infiltrates much more stormwater water than permeable pavers. The rubber content gives it good traction and makes it freeze- and frost-heave resistant to eliminate the risks of heaving and cracking.”

Andy Sykes, CLP
Garrett Churchill, Inc.
Willow Grove, Pennsylvania
Landscape Designer and Contractor: Gil Rosenthal Garden of Peace

“Why did we select Porous Pave for permeable paving? The high quality of the material gives it durability that lowers the life cycle cost. Also, the ease of installation.”

Lisa Henry, PE, CFM
Streets and Stormwater Division Manager
City of Orlando, Florida
Project Owner: Westmoreland Shared Use Path

“We used Porous Pave because it is slip-resistant for safe accessibility, tough and durable, easy to maintain and keep clean, and cost-effective.”

Theresa Sprague
BlueFlax Design, LLC
Harwich, Massachusetts
Landscape Designer: Association to Preserve Cape Cod

“Why did we select Porous Pave? Stormwater infiltration performance, cost, protecting the landscape during construction, and appearance.”

Michael Bratton
Chief Operating Officer, Piper Whitney Construction
Houston, Texas
Landscape Contractor: Nature Discovery Center

“Before deciding on Porous Pave, we considered a number of factors in evaluating permeable pavement options: performance and durability, the look and feel of the pavement, the availability of a local product distributor and installers, ease of installation, and the costs of both materials and labor.”

Lori Cagwin
Lori Cagwin Landscape Architecture
Yountville, California
Landscape Architect: RiverPointe Resort

“Porous Pave was selected for its permeability, usability and versatility, and ease of maintenance. With the availability of the XL and XLS formulations, the product could be used for paved areas and tree surrounds. With its rubber content, it is safe and suitable for foot traffic and wheelchairs, comfortable to stand on, and slip-resistant when wet.”

Ryan Potvin
Operations Manager, Peterson Companies
Chisago City, Minnesota
Landscape Contractor: Minneapolis Downtown Commons

“The Porous Pave we used allows storm water to soak through rather than pooling on the walkway. The product produces a strong surface resistant to freeze and frost heaving. It is comfortable to walk on and provides significant traction.”

Trevor L. Smith
Lead Designer, Land Escapes Design Studio
Belmont, Massachusetts
Landscape Contractor: Wellesley Office Park Walking Path

“Porous Pave permeable tree surrounds are safer and easier to maintain than metal tree grates and they cost less.”

Ken Herndon
Operations Director, Louisville Downtown Partnership
Louisville, Kentucky
Project Sponsor: Louisville Streetscapes

“With Porous Pave, I could design and install a water feature with the flexibility and versatility to serve as a patio and a fountain and a splash pad.”

Jerry Romano
Owner, Liquid Designz, LLC
Washington Township, New Jersey
Landscape Contractor:  “Hybrid” Permeable Pavement

“Porous Pave performs as promised. Even in pouring rain, no puddles, no erosion on our steep trail.”

Mark Siegwarth
Executive Director, Boyce Thompson Arboretum
Superior, Arizona
Project Owner: Arboretum Trail Renovation

“Our landscape project required a paving material with more porosity than permeable pavers. Otherwise, we would have been required to install additional storm water retention features at grade, adding costs and detracting from the beauty and utility of the garden.”

Jane Lahage, Director of Operations, Federation Housing, Inc.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Project Owner: Gil Rosenthal Garden of Peace

““Our site was once a pecan orchard. We have 80-90-year-old pecan trees to protect. With Porous Pave, installation was relatively non-intrusive. There were no big trucks, no heavy equipment, and the extent and depth of the required excavation were minimal.”

Henry Owen
Executive Director, Nature Discovery Center
Bellaire, Texas
Project Owner: Nature Discovery Center

“I had already done more than 75 projects with Porous Pave. I had confidence in recommending it to a homeowner who needed a permeable driveway, walkway, patio and pool surround.”

Tim Allen
Owner, T&K Outdoors, Inc.
Bemidji, Minnesota
Landscape Contractor: Upscale Lakeside Home

“Porous Pave is tough enough to be shoveled or plowed after it snows. Residual water on the surface permeates down into the material, leaving no accumulation of water to freeze and form ice on the surface.”

Rip Sokol
President, Fourth Generation Nursery & Sales
Mendon, Massachusetts
Product Supplier: Wellesley Office Park Walking Path

“I would recommend and specify Porous Pave again for rooftop applications, particularly where its light weight would be an advantage because of load considerations.”

Gary Post
Manager, Port City Construction & Development Services
Muskegon, Michigan
General Contractor: Symphony Rooftop Patio

“We selected Porous Pave to apply as a topcoat on our old asphalt paths. Porous Pave gave us exactly the result I had hoped for to renew and improve our paths.”

Harold Sweetman, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Jenkins Arboretum & Gardens
Devon, Pennsylvania
Project Owner: Arboretum Path Renewal

“In addition to permeability and walking surface comfort and safety, we needed a strong paving material that can hold up against periodic flooding. Porous Pave also has the material quality and visual appeal the walking path needed as an amenity for a Class A office park.”

Horace Aikman, PLA
Senior Associate, CRJA-IBI Group
Boston, Massachusetts
Landscape Architect: Wellesley Office Park Walking Path

“After a year and half, the Porous Pave tree surrounds have held up well, and the trees are doing fine.”

Kevin Alexander
Roads Division Labor Supervisor, Louisville Metro Public Works
Louisville, Kentucky
Project Owner: Louisville Streetscapes

“Porous Pave is lightweight, permeable, and pourable within forms to conform to the angles of the patio and express the distinctive design.”

Harry Wierenga,
Landscape Architect, Fleis & VandenBrink, Inc.
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Project Designer: Symphony Rooftop Patio

“The project required a permeable product that pours in place to follow the curves and small rises designed into the paths. In addition, minimally intrusive, low-impact installation without big trucks and heavy equipment was important to protect the existing and newly installed landscaping.”

Dave Abderhalden
Capital Projects Coordinator, Public Works Division
Sunrise, Florida
Project Owner: Florida Public Park Paths

“Rainwater and air go right through Porous Pave and down to the tree roots. Its high rubber content and textured surface make the permeable surrounds slip resistant and safer when wet than traditional metal tree grates.”

Mark DeClercq, PE
City Engineer
City of Grand Rapids, Michigan
Project Owner: Tree Surrounds Downtown

“I have used several different products. When it comes to permeable and pervious pavement, with its consistent, high-quality materials and strict quality control, Porous Pave is best-in-class.”

Tony Sciortino
Partner, Eco Engineering Service, LLC
Hillsboro, Florida
Landscape Contractor: Florida Public Park Paths

“Native and adapted tree and groundcover plantings, as well as various permeable surfacing materials, including Porous Pave, make the Commons very effective at decreasing surface stormwater runoff.”

Mary Lydecker, RLA, LEED AP BD+C
Senior Associate, Hargreaves Associates
San Francisco, California
Landscape Architect: Minneapolis Downtown Commons

“We chose Porous Pave because it is an innovative green material that, while offering proven permeability, is still new to Cape Cod.”

Kristin Andres
Director of Education and Outreach
Association to Preserve Cape Cod
Dennis, Massachusetts
Project Owner: Living Landscape Laboratory, APCC

“Shortly after we installed the path at the Botanical Gardens, a big thunderstorm dumped more than three inches of rain in a very short time. The director called to tell me that nearly every pathway had washout damage, except the new Porous Pave path.”

Chuck Thomas,
Owner, Aquatic Gardens
Birmingham, Alabama
Landscape Contractor: Birmingham Botanical Gardens

“The installation of Porous Pave results in much less soil compaction than alternatives, even standard bark mulch. That protects the microbiology so essential to the health of the underlying soil.”

Rip Sokol
President, Fourth Generation Nursery & Sales
Mendon, Massachusetts
Product Supplier: Wellesley Office Park Walking Path

“The versatility and flexibility of Porous Pave, its ease of installation and fast cure time meant we did not disrupt the resort’s business, and that proved to be critical for the success of the project.”

Joe Verdu
Project Manager, JLP Landscape Contracting, Inc.
Santa Rosa, California
Landscape Contractor: RiverPointe Resort

“Using Porous Pave XLS, we were able to make the playground unique and special. The recycled rubber chips come in different colors, and you can pour the material into forms to create shapes. That’s how we made the playful designs in the surface.”

Dave Monson
David Monson Landscaping & Excavating
Kandiyohi, Minnesota
Landscape Contractor: Community Christian School

“Porous Pave pours in place, making it easy to shape the new path’s curves. The color we chose complements the granite trails in other parts of the nature park.”

Michael Bratton
Chief Operating Officer, Piper Whitney Construction
Houston, Texas
Landscape Contractor: Nature Discovery Center