Flooding Down in Texas? Problem Solved

Nature Discovery Center

At the Nature Discovery Center in Bellaire, Texas, rainstorms covered the impervious concrete pavers on the main path with up to four inches of water. Flooding made the paver path unsafe and unusable.

The solution? A new permeable paved path paved with 2,500 square feet of Porous Pave XL, supplied by GeoSolutions, Inc. and installed by Piper Whitney Construction, LLC.

Water passes through the pervious surface of Porous Pave at a rate of 5,800 – 6,300 gallons per hour per square foot, allowing stormwater to percolate down through the aggregate base below. The new path is useable and safe right after it rains.

“We considered several permeable paving options. Why did we select Porous Pave? Stormwater infiltration performance, cost, protecting the landscape during construction, and appearance. As a bonus, it is a green material.” — Michael Bratton, Chief Operating Officer, Piper Whitney Construction, LLC

Porous Pave Path: Installation and Results…  

Courtesy of our friends at the Nature Discovery Center

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“Porous Pave saves the day at Texas nature center,” Total Landscape Care