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The Proven Pour-in-Place Permeable Paving Material

Property owners, facility managers and public works officials request Porous Pave. Architects, landscape architects and project designers specify Porous Pave. Contractors trust Porous Pave and recommend it. Over the years, they have asked us many questions. Here are the questions most frequently asked – and our answers.

XL is our strongest and most durable blend of 50 percent recycled rubber chips and 50 percent clean, kiln-dried aggregate, plus our hardest binder for a tough, wear-resistant permeable surface. XLB is also a 50-50 rubber-rock blend. It is mixed with a special binder selected for our Sand Guard Bunker Liner. XLS is 100 percent recycled rubber chips with a softer binder for more impact-absorbing permeable surfaces, such as playgrounds and pool surrounds. One inch of XLS weighs only three pounds per square foot, making it ideal for rooftop patios.

Its recycled rubber content makes Porous Pave environmentally friendly. Using Porous Pave can contribute to various LEED credits related to stormwater management and use of recycled materials. In contrast to loose crumb rubber, Porous Pave is safe, as confirmed by chemical leaching test results, because the recycled rubber chips are bonded and encapsulated by the binder when the material cures.

Yes. With permeable pavers, the only void space is the joints between them. In contrast, the entire surface of Porous Pave is permeable. With 27 percent void space, the tested permeability of Porous Pave is 5,800 gallons per hour per square foot.

Porous Pave’s superior permeability in action

Except for high-speed roadways, anywhere you can install other paving materials. Porous Pave is the only option for permeable paving on very steep slopes, even hillsides up to 30 degrees.

See for yourself… Porous Pave on a hillside

Yes. Porous Pave bonds to concrete, asphalt, brick, stone and wood. A Porous Pave over-pour to cover cracked, uneven or worn surfaces is a cost-effective alternative to the cost, disruption and waste of a tear-out.

Porous Pave around treeYes. Porous Pave tree surrounds cost less to install and cost less to maintain than grates, and they improve safety with more traction for pedestrians.

Porous Pave is a pour-in-place material batch mixed on site and applied as a single monolithic pour. As a rule of thumb, a four-man crew can install up to 3,000 square feet per day using a single portable mortar mixer, readily available hand tools used for concrete, and a small number of wood form boards. It fully cures in just 24 hours.

See for yourself… watch a complete installation

For routine cleaning, washing off Porous Pave with water applied at low pressure from a garden hose is sufficient. If surface debris like grass clippings or leaves accumulates, using a leaf blower is recommended. In areas where silt loading may occur, a standard street sweeper/vacuum will extract excess fines. In heavily used, high-traffic areas any permeable pavement may show signs of wear. For Porous Pave, using a roller, or better yet an airless sprayer, to apply our liquid binder thinned with mineral spirits (according to our directions) restores the surface.

Installed at a depth of two inches, Porous Pave has the strength to handle low-speed vehicle traffic, which makes it great for parking areas and driveways. A depth of 1.5 inches works for patios and courtyards as well as pedestrian applications, such as sidewalks, pathways, and trails. One inch is generally sufficient where Porous Pave is applied as a topcoat over existing surfaces.

Watch a driveway application of Porous Pave

Porous Pave is tough enough to stand up to snow blowers and even snowplows (provided that protective shoes are mounted on plow blades). It is resistant to oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, transmission and hydraulic fluids, chlorine, salt water, muriatic acid, and many other hostile substances.

Porous Pave durabilityWith its recycled rubber chips, Porous Pave has the flexibility to withstand freeze-thaw cycles without heaving or cracking. At our corporate headquarters, we installed a section of Porous Pave XL on the loading dock outside the main warehouse. Semis are backing in and going out all day, every day. It has been more than ten years (and ten Michigan winters), and the surface is still going strong.

Porous Pave material, when installed by certified Porous Pave personnel or authorized agents, will carry a warranty for materials of two years from the date of installation. Porous Pave’s warranty is limited to the structural and mechanical integrity of the installed materials.

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