Porous Pave Benefits

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The Proven Pour-in-Place Permeable Paving Material

Made in America

An eco-friendly, green product made with chips of recycled rubber in the U.S.A., Porous Pave is a pour-in-place permeable paving material. Porous Pave has up to 29 percent void space and delivers 6,300 gallons per hour per square foot permeability. It has been proven in successful installations for a wide variety of permeable pavement applications in regions from Massachusetts to Arizona, California to Florida, Minnesota to Texas, and most points in between.

Superior Permeability

  • More void space than permeable pavers, pervious asphalt or pervious concrete – more porosity, more permeability for more rainwater infiltration
  • Smaller installations deliver the same stormwater mitigation as more extensive, and more expensive, installations of other permeable pavement materials
  • Reduces the need for other on-site measures (retention ponds, swales) – more site area remains useable

Image of Porous PaveUnmatched Versatility

  • Three formulations – XL, XLB, XLS – matched to the specific requirements of different applications
  • Eight standard colors, multiple custom color mixes
  • Pour-in-place flexibility to conform to curves, express designs
  • Installs on hillsides, steep grades up to 30 degrees
  • As a topcoat, covers and restores old concrete, asphalt, brick, or wood surfaces – eliminates the cost, disruption and waste of tear-outs

Car on Porous Pabe DrivewayExceptional Strength and Durability

  • Two inches of XL over a compacted aggregate base supports low-speed traffic areas, including loading docks
  • Two inches of XLS over a compacted aggregate base has the strength for pool decks, splash pads, play areas
  • One inch of XLB directly on bunker floors guards golf course bunkers for years
  • Withstands freeze-thaw cycles, frost, and ground movement without heaving or cracking

Man installing Porous paveEasy, Low-impact Installation

  • Mix on site, pour in place – takes half the time to install as bricks, pavers
  • Applied as a single monolithic pour – no expansion strips
  • Low-impact installation, minimal site disruption, reduced risk of damage to landscapes – no big trucks, no heavy equipment
  • Safe and Slip-resistant

Woman standing on wet Porous PaveExcellent Traction, even when wet

  • No puddles – even in low areas, even during and after heavy rains
  • After snow removal, residual water permeates down – no freezing, no ice
  • ADA compliant

Environmentally Friendly


  • Best Management Practice (BMP) to retain and infiltrate stormwater
  • Decreases the volume, slows the velocity of runoff
  • Reduces erosion
  • Made with rubber recycled from scrap tires – every 1,000 square feet of two-inch Porous Pave removes 300 old tires from the waste stream